December Victory Theme

Emotional Intelligence

It usually starts at Thanksgiving and barrels its way toward Christmas. No, not excitement. STRESS...from not getting enough sleep and eating too many "goodies" to just being out of the regular routine.

And while all those are valid reasons for holiday stress, I find that the most stressful parts of this season revolve around relationships and the emotionally unintelligent. And you know who I'm talking about - every family, office, community and gathering has a least one.

This month I'll be talking about emotional intelligence: what it is, what it means and how it can impact you either positively or negatively. And each week the Work-Grow-Love sections will offer a tip that rests in using emotional intelligence to improve that area of your life.

What do you know about Emotional Intelligence? What would you like to know? Send me an email and I'll include an answer to your question either in a blog post or in the new Kelly's Cafe (coming soon!). I'm looking forward to hearing from you: Subject Line: EI.