The Janet Evanovich Chapters

How many changes of life and career can you have? A lot – and they ain’t over unless and until you decide to quit.

Before becoming a bestselling author, Janet Evanovich turned a lot of pages in the story of her life. She started writing at age 40, while being a stay-at-home mom.  It took ten years and a box full of rejection letters before she sold her first book. But once she found her voice, her writing created the spark that started a literary fire – and a ton of personal and professional success, including her first book-turned-movie, One For the Money.

Read about her story in her own words:

Are you passionate about writing or painting or some other creative outlet that you pushed to the back burner? Take time this month to find a local writers group or similar group where you can revive the passion. Who knows – you could be the next Janet!