September’s Theme: Competence

COMPETENCE means the ability – the know-how - to do a job properly. Competence relates to every aspect of your life, including your personal satisfaction, relationship happiness and job success.

Competence isn’t just one skill but a set of behaviors that enables you to effectively perform a specific role. For example, in my spouse’s business (massage therapy), a job candidate must demonstrate good technical skill but - like most business owners – my spouse looks for much more when interviewing someone. Competence in his business starts with good massage skills but also includes being properly dressed for the clientele (physical appearance), putting a client at ease (establish trust), understanding the importance of mastering the business side of massage (making appointments, keeping records, invoicing) and working in a team (functioning in the office with other therapists).

Every role in life requires some level of competence to be successful. That’s why:

  • Having a baby doesn’t mean you are a competent mother
  • Meeting your “soulmate” doesn’t make you (or him) a good partner for marriage
  • Being a good accountant doesn’t make you a good department manager
  • Doing a good job doesn’t insure you’ll get noticed for a promotion
  • Using facebook and twitter doesn’t mean you can call yourself a social media consultant

This month I’m challenging you to check your personal, social, emotional and career competence.

In Victory,

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