Success and Competence: Stage 2

Conscious Incompetence

Now, you know you don’t know. That means you’re getting somewhere.

With Conscious Incompetence, you recognize what's missing. You may not know HOW to bridge the gap yet, but you know what you need and are willing to work at it. For example:

  • In life:You recognize you need more confidence to feel good about yourself. Or, you know now that you need your own goals instead of using all your time helping others succeed.Nancy Hill realized what she thought was  “normal” life wasn’t the same "normal" for most other women.  She began to believe that she (1) wanted a better life and (2) could do things to help her get that better life. She still lacked the know-how (competence) but she was conscious of it. She still didn’t know exactly how to take the next steps (incompetence), but she DID KNOW she was going forward.
  • In relationships: You’ve started to notice that you are dating the same man all the time, that is, different names but same behaviors. Or you find that you always being agreeable and giving in to everyone else’s wants and that behavior invites others to treat you without respect.
  • At work: A new co-worker has an interesting – and affable way – to get her work noticed. You notice how different it is from what you do, but her way gets the results you want.

When you are a Conscious Incompetent, you start looking for answers, getting help, setting goals and making progress.

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