Support for Women In Business

Question: I was wondering if your business was anywhere near Southern California or if you know of any other places I can contact for Women Business support and guidance. Thank you.

Answer: Good question, Alma, because women in business need all the support they can get! I'm located in Pennsylvania. I speak all over at conferences and retreats for corporations and professional organizations. When I host the meetings myself, through Victorious Woman, we meet in the Philadelphia suburbs (either near my Wayne PA office, near King of Prussia, or my home base in Chester County), and sometimes in Delaware and Maryland.

HOWEVER, you are really lucky to be in the same area as one of my wonderful mentors, Robbie Motter. I met Robbie through NAFE because she is the regional coordinator for both the Mid-Atlantic and Western chapters. I've referred others to Robbie's meetings and they always come back and thank me for making the connection. I trust you will feel the same way.

Learn more about my mentor and her wonderful work: Robbie Motter

Here's the link to the NAFE groups in your area, many of them organized by Robbie: NAFE

Best of luck to you!

In victory,