Ten Communication Secrets of Great Leaders

TopTenForbes.com posted this article by Mike Myatt last spring. Here are his "top ten secrets" with my quickie summaries:

1. Speak not with a forked tongue: Act like someone who deserves to be trusted

2. Get personal: Let people know who you are (see also my article on building rapport)

3. Get specific: Make your words clear and concise. Eliminate the chance for ambiguity. As one of my teachers used to say, “forget the peas and potatoes, just give me the meat.”

4. Focus on the leave-behinds not the take-aways: Think about what the other person needs and wants and not just your agenda.

5. Have an open mind: It’s OK if people disagree and challenge you. Learn how to have a healthy debate. It’s the way you get to stretch yourself.

6. Shut-up and listen: this is the one that reminds us we have two ears and one mouth for a reason.

7. Replace ego with empathy: Listen to needs and disagreements with your heart. If you understand where the other person is coming from, you

8. Read between the lines: Understand what isn’t said AND what isn't said. We miss a lot that's implied or presumed.

9. When you speak, know what you’re talking about: No fudging about what you know and how much of it you know. You can't BS with your expertise and get away with it forever.

10. Speak to groups as individuals: “Knowing how to work a room and establish credibility, trust, and rapport are keys to successful interactions.”

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