Are You Sabotaging Your New Year’s Resolutions?

Sleeping NewbornHow to make 2014

2014 is in its infancy. And, just like a new baby, you have the world in front of you. And, with the childlike belief of a little one, you know that nothing's going to stop you from creating the success you want. And that's a great thing. According to the University of Scranton Journal of Clinical Psychology, people who explicitly make resolutions are 10 times more likely to attain their goals than people who don’t explicitly make resolutions.

So if you've gotten to the resolution phase, CONGRATULATIONS!

However, the same research indicated that, of the 45% of people who actually take the time to make resolutions, only 49% of them succeed. That's why the local gym is so packed in January that you have to wait and wait to use the equipment. At places like Weight Watchers, the check-in line is 20 people deep and the classes are packed. Regular exercisers and serious dieters know that they only have to wait until mid-February and then things will calm down.

Why? Why, when you want a better and more satisfying or loving relationship, or a job that pays you more or that you enjoy doing, or you want to start a business or get a promotion, or (OK, I'll include it) you want to drop ten or fifteen pounds, do you work at it for a couple weeks and then forget it?

Here's the biggest secret: Your life is dependent on your habits. You got where you are as a result of habits. When you set a new goal, some of your current habits hold you back. They don't even have to be "bad" habits, and maybe at another time, this habit or that one was even good for you. But now it's just outlived its purpose. Because we're so entrenched in our patterns and habits, even when we really want something better, changing old habits is a challenge. When challenged, we are more likely to retreat into our comfort zones.

That why the Victorious Woman Community "Question of the Month" asks you to name and claim your biggest challenge. During this year, at the Kelly's Cafe coaching calls, I'll be talking about those challenges. And on my Friday Happy Hour Radio show, I'll be bringing in other experts as my guests to help you break through the sabotaging thoughts or behaviors that could be keeping you from a victory and holding you back from success.

So get ready - this is going to be YOUR YEAR for VICTORY! Here's how to do it:

  1. Start here: January Question of the Month
  2. Read the Victory Blog regularly (that's where you'll get quick tips and find out who's on the radio)
  3. Get ideas and share you thoughts and opinion at the Connect page
  4. Join me for the monthly Kelly's Cafe. Send you questions in advance and maybe you'll be invited to be my coaching client for that call
  5. Take the webinars and workshops and join a victory team

How can you possibly fail with all that support???? You won't!

Have a healthy, fabulous and abundantly prosperous 2014!!

In victory,