Talking about Your Legacy at Happy Hour

BarbaraSherfRemember all those stories your mom and dad told you? There was a day when you probably got tired of hearing them, but now you probably wish you'd written down. It's not too late - either for your parents or for you (to give to your kids). Legacy Planner Barb Sherf will be at Happy Hour this week to talk about how you can tell your story - and make it fun and easy. Barb is a former print and broadcast journalist turned publicist and speech coach who founded CommunicationsPro in 1996.  Five years ago she wrote a book with her father about his days in local rodeos, life on the farm picking tomatoes for Campbell's Soup Company and playing basketball on horseback.  Since the book came out she has been busy capturing the life stories of individuals and family businesses through Capture Life Stories.

Barb has good stories and good tips. You'll want to hear them. Learn more about Barb Sherf at:

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