Pump Up the Power #8

Teenager Talking on the Cell Phone on a Green CouchTalk Success

Want to know what your success attitude is? You can find out quickly by noticing how you talk to yourself. If you aren’t sure what that is, just for one day, notice – really notice – what words you say to yourself when you’re traveling through your day. Do you call yourself dumb or stupid…or FAT? Do you berate yourself for not being smarter, not standing up for yourself, or letting someone use you? Do you look in the mirror and tell the reflection looking back that you wish it would be thinner or prettier or better dressed?

Many women – maybe most women – criticize themselves for the way they look and act. “Why did I say that? Why didn't I say this? How stupid!” Sound familiar to you?

Why are you saying that nonsense to yourself? Would you talk to your children or your best friend that way? Not likely.

So stop it. So start treating yourself the way you treat your best friend. With care, love, kindness. Become your own best friend.

From the moment you come to this earth until the second you leave it, you are the one and only person who will always be there with you. Others will come and go, but you will always stay with you. You can choose to be either for you or against you.

You’re so smart. Choose FOR you.

Here’s an interesting article from Psychology Today: The Surprising Secret to Success