Victory Stretch #9: Get Help

Help.smallerWhile most women like to think they can do it all without asking for help, it just isn’t the case for any of us. Whether it’s moral support, education, mentoring or literal, physical help, you need to get help. Here's how:

  1. LIST what you need help with
  2. FIND at least 5-10 people you think can help you in those areas.
  3. TALK to each person. Have a respectful conversation about where you are, what you’re doing and what you need.
  4. ASK for their help. This is often the most difficult part of the process. Women often hate asking, often for fear the request will be turned down. When you ask, be specific about what you need and for how long you need it. If you can make the arrangement something short-term, or at least give an end-date, that will make it easier for the other person to accept.
  5. DON”T be discouraged if someone says 'no' because 'no' a good answer. It’s better to know right now if someone can’t or isn’t willing to help you. Then you can quickly find someone else.
  6. HELP THEM. If the person says ‘yes’ to you, then find out how you can help them. Nobody drives on a one-way street for long. If all you want is someone’s help without a willingness to return the favor, then you are looking for a paid employee. Get one of those - it's better to pay than to be known as a user or taker.

Getting help, whatever kind it is, will help you get where you want to go faster and more easily.  If you can find someone who will go with you on a two-way street (give and take), it will work for everyone. You get what you need. The other person(s) feel respected for what they are doing. It’s a win-win!