Victory Stretch #4: Baby Steps

CB101959Giant leaps make for good shows but they can be uncomfortable, physically and emotionally. Conversely, "baby steps" are small, doable tasks that are hardly noticeable to others. Baby steps aren't a impressive as giant leaps, but chances are, you will take the baby steps. Conversely, a giant leap takes so much mental emotional preparation that you can easily be talked out of it - by yourself and others.

A baby step could be as easy as getting information online or as simple as making a phone call to a company to find out who the head of a department is.

Whatever your the next step in your plan is, break it into as many smaller steps as possible. Sometimes it helps to get a trusted colleague or a mentor help you break it down.

The smaller the step, the more likely it is that you will take it. The smaller the step, the less likely you will talk yourself out of it.

Yet, with each baby step you take, you're strengthening your victory muscles and getting ready for more challenging steps. You're building confidence. You're setting yourself up for success.

Yes, baby steps might take you a little bit longer but what would you rather: a slightly longer process with a successful outcome, or a giant leap that you never had the nerve to take.

Baby steps can make the difference between success and disappointment. Which one will you choose?