Victory Stretches

What is a victory stretch? It’s when you stretch out of your comfort zone so you can do something new or different, like achieve a goal, make a change, overcome a fear, start or end a relationship, etc.

Your comfort zone is a set of mental boundaries made up of familiar routine. It’s like a cozy bedroom or family room where everything is familiar and where you feel safe and secure. In your comfort zone, you aren’t challenged with anything that you can’t handle. You’ve developed a comfort zone in your job, with your body, in relationships, and all parts of your life. Comfort zones serve an emotional purpose in your life; they are a form of self-protection.

Yet, just like that cozy bedroom eventually needs to be updated, repainted or rearranged, your comfort zone eventually needs to updated and expanded. But, just like you might not want to do the work of changing a room in your house, moving out of your comfort zone is seldom desirable or attractive.

Victory Stretches are the work you do get out of that cozy space in your mind. Victory Stretches are how you get to the better places of your life. Victory Stretches are what you do to become the greater, fuller, richer expression of the wonderful person you are.