WrapUp: Friday Happy Hour

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Psychic Christi Cavallo was my guest today. This is the second time she's been to the Friday Happy Hour. If you tuned in, you know she's not just fun, but she's smart and on target with the callers.

Special Happy Hour BOGO:
Christi is offering Friday Happy Hour listeners a special 2/1 opportunity for you an a friend. She'll give both of you a reading for $100 (usually $100/pp). Just mention the show when scheduling appointments. Check out her website: Christi Cavallo

Click here for Christi's Contact info & to schedule an appointment!

Before Christi came on, I talked about the old Twilight Zone and mentioned a couple places where you can re-connect with that freaky show. Here they are: Twilight Zone Museum, A few full episodes of the Twilight Zone, a montage of the top Twilight Zone episodes (with music) and the article with Anne Serling from USA Today.

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