RadioWrap-Up: Psychic Readings

Christi Cavallo was back at Happy Hour giving psychic readings. Christi’s a real treat and many listeners have contacted Christi directly for full readings. But when she comes Read More

Psychic Christi Cavallo joins us for Happy Hour May 22!

This show is going to be more fun than usual! Psychic Christi Cavallo will be doing mini-readings for almost the whole hour. You can call in any time. Read More

Radio Wrap-Up: Starting Over

Thinking about starting over in a new career? Cheryl Rich Heisler had some good ideas for making a transition from what you’re doing now into something you would Read More

May 15: Cheryl Rich Heisler

Cheryl Rich Heisler is an attorney by education, but after making her own career transition from law into marketing (she left Biglaw for a Brand Management role with Read More

May8 RadioWrap-Up: Jen Groover and Success

Women, Money and Success is what Jen Groover talked about on today’s show. She’s the author of If Not Now, When and the creator of the Butler Bag Read More

May 8: Jen Groover

You may know her from The Butler Bag, or LeaderGrlz or Empowered. Whatever she’s doing, local entrepreneur Jen Groover has a way with business. She wants to help Read More

May 1 – RadioWrap-Up: Women and Money!

Ever had a “snookered” experience like Cheryl? You and I don’t want to be 47 (or any age) and find out we you’re broke. Or get divorced or Read More

Victorious Woman Month

May is International Victorious Woman Month!! This is our 9th year of celebrating women and victories! It all started with an idea I got one morning as I Read More

The 31-Day Victory Challenge

Will You Take the 31 Day Victory Challenge? If you’re a woman in midlife and want MORE, I DARE YOU! May is International Victorious Woman Month! So this Read More

May 1st: Cheryl Fields

Cheryl Fields was a successful entrepreneur when, at 47, her business partner cleared out their bank account and left her broke and alone. Today she helps other women Read More

April 24: Lori Osterberg

Ever think about calling it quits and starting over? That’s what Lori Osterberg did in her midlife reinvention. She sold her home, got rid of two-thirds of her Read More

June 5 – Brigid Schulte

Schulte_(c)Peter C  Heimberg

Brigid Schulte is the author of the New York Times bestselling book on time pressure, Overwhelmed: Work, Love & Play when No One has the Time. She is an Read More

Toni McCloe & Patricia Gallagher on Friday Happy Hour

Grief is not just about mourning the loss of a loved one. Like people, grief comes in all shapes and sizes. That’s what Authors Toni McCloe and Patricia Read More


Today’s Guest, Debra Wallace Foreman, has quite an interesting story. It’s one thing to discover your child has autism. But it’s a whole other story to suddenly find Read More

April 10: Deborah Wallace


April is National Autism month and Annmarie’s guest this week is all too familiar with how autism impacts families. That’s what she and guest Deborah Wallace will be Read More

March27 RadioWrap-UP: Radical Forgiveness


Today Alice Casey and Jane Bouza, from the Awakened Heart Spiritual Center, talked about Radical Forgiveness. Alice and Jane give a workshop based on the book, Radical Forgiveness, Read More

March 20 RadioWrap-up


It’s the first day of spring and we have MORE SNOW! Can you believe it?? Well, author Hal Borland said, “No winter lasts forever and no sping skips Read More

March 13 Radio WrapUp


Today was all about Women’s History Month as we talked “Pink Think” with author and femorabilia collector, Lynn Peril.  She’s the author of Pink Think: Becoming a Woman Read More

March 20: Jean Back


It’s the first day of spring! Jean Back from Survival Essentials is coming to Happy Hour to talk about sweeping out the winter by decluttering your house. She’s Read More

March 13: Lynn Peril


It’s Women’s History Month and, in case you think we haven’t gotten very far, Lynn Peril is talking with Annmarie about her collection of “femorabilia” from her book, Read More

March 6 – Radio Wrap-Up


Psychic Christi Cavallo joined us again and gave great readings to the people who called. Christi again extended a discount to the Friday Happy Hour listeners. She’s giving Read More

Your favorite Chick Flick?

Is there a strong woman in your favorite Chick Flick? Who is she? Enter you response in the comment field below.

Ten Top “Strong Woman” Chick Flicks

Have you ever wondered about how strong women are seen in movies? They aren’t always positive images. I started thinking about that when Fifty Shades of Grey came Read More

Psychic Christi Cavallo joins us for Happy Hour March 6!


This show is going to be more fun than usual! Psychic Christi Cavallo will be doing mini-readings for almost the whole hour. You can call in any time. Read More

Elder Care Attorney Cathy Sikorski on Friday Happy Hour


You loved her info and humor the last time, so I invited Elder Care Attorney Cathy Sikorski to come back to Happy Hour. This time we’re talking about Read More

Terran Lamp on Friday Happy Hour


February is American Heart Month and, in midlife, the risk factors for post-menopausal women increases. But Terran Lamp didn’t develop heart disease in midlife. She had heart problems Read More

Rita Watson on Friday Happy Hour Radio


Just in Time For Valentine’s Day! Annmarie’s guest at this week’s Happy Hour is Rita Watson, a relationship columnist for the Providence Journal.  An incurable romantic, she writes Read More

What have you learned about handling adversity?

Enter you answer in comments box below.

Ten Tips For Dealing with Adversity

Recently I was thinking about my interview with Patti Painter for my first book, Victorious Woman! Shaping Life’s Challenges into Personal Victories. She said there was a song Read More

Sherri VandenAkker’s on Friday Happy Hour


Sherri VandenAkker’s mother was a nurse…and an alcoholic. In My Name was Bette: The Life and Death of an Alcoholic, Sherri documents her mother’s life, from the perspective Read More

Kelly Swanson on Friday Happy Hour


Kelly Swanson is the author of “Who Hijacked My Fairy Tale?” She’s also a frazzled, over-worked, under-paid, wife and mom working from home with her husband, and home-schooling Read More

June 12 – Kristie Notto

Kristie Notto is known for helping creative entrepreneurs unleash their inner rock star so they can fuel their profits, increase their impact, and make a difference. She is the president Read More

Radio Wrap-Up: MoneyDNA


What’s YOUR Money DNA? It was a pretty interesting conversation today with Melanie Benson Strick! If you’re interested in recoding your DNA, you can learn more here: Money Read More

Gregory Ann Cox on Friday Happy Hour


Is dieting on your list of New Year’s resolutions? Then you’ll want to hear what Gregory Anne Cox has to say about dieting and midlife. She believes that Read More

Melanie Benson Strick on Friday Happy Hour


Melanie Benson Strick, known as America’s Leading Small Business Optimizer, has a gift for guiding fast-paced, overwhelmed, driven entrepreneurs to thrive in their small business. With over 13 Read More

Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions


Ten Tips for Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions A clean slate, an unwritten chapter, a brand new baby year. Whatever you call it, the New Year is a Read More

RadioWrap-Up: Dawn Wells


Dawn Wells on Gilligan’s Island, life and love Ginger or Mary Ann. That’s the age-old trivia question, isn’t it? Do you know that every person I talked to Read More

Tip#9: About the Drama Mamas

Negative People, Alcoholics and Drama Mamas Listen, we all have things that we can complain about, feel sad about and make bigger than they are. But some people Read More

Tip#8: Sugar and Alcohol

Save the Sugar and Alcohol for Socializing You know how it is this time of year. You’re going out more than usual, people are bringing treats to work, Read More

Dawn Wells, of Gilligan’s Island, joins us for Happy Hour Radio Dec 26

Dawn Headshot 2014 LR

Remember Gilligan’s Island? Were you a Ginger or Mary Ann Fan? If you said Mary Ann, and I’ll bet most of you did, you won’t want to miss Read More

Tip#7: Breathe!

Do You Forget to Breathe? Yes! You don’t realize it, but when you are stressed, you take breathes that are shallow. That means you don’t get enough oxygen Read More



‘Tis the Season…for HOLIDAY STRESS Thanks to Michele Dunleavy for her tips to get more fun out of the holidays with less stress and be ready to hit Read More

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