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About Women Who Inspire
Each month the Victorious Woman Project honors a woman who has shaped her personal challenges into victories. Like the women whose stories you loved in Victorious Woman! Shaping Life’s Challenges into Personal Victories, these women have been there too. Each of them want you to know that – just as they did – YOU CAN overcome your trial or hardship. You CAN become the leader of your own life and not just survive, but THRIVE. And, more often than you’d suspect, the very thing you think is the worst that can happen, turns out to be a door opening to something more and better. Here’s this month’s Victorious Woman.

2012 Honorees

Barbara Morrison
The Stigma

Janet C. Papale
Janet in her own words:
Speaking about Motivation
Speaking about Mental Gymnastics

2011 Honorees

The Prosperity Ladies

Suzanne Whang
Overcoming Cancer

Lisa Marie Platske

Essay Contest – 2nd Prize
Sheila A. Caruso

Essay Contest – 1st Prize
Kelly Saello

Cristina Fontanelli

Dr. Sharron Stroud

Darlene Tarnoski

2010 Honorees

June Davidson

Women Warriors of Iraq & Afghanistan

Essay Contest – 3rd Prize
Carol-Ann Hamilton

Essay Contest – 2nd Prize
Revvell Revati

Essay Contest – 1st Prize
Karen Flam
Flam’s Fabulous Career Transformation

Eileen Connolly Robbins
Wizardess of Reinvention

2009 Honorees

Charron Walker

Carol Kivler

Mary Jo Buttafuoco
Getting it Through My Thick Skull

Essay Contest – 3rd Prize
Donna Johnson

Essay Contest – 2nd Prize
Amalia Starr

Essay Contest – 1st Prize
Amy Sherman

Veuve Clicquot
Pop the Cork and Take a Sip of the Bubbly

Jean Shipos
Cancer: Five Years and Counting

Kay Presto
Women’s Heritage Month Honoree

Rosemarie Rossetti
Resilience Triumphs Tragedy

Connie Harryman
Poverty to Prosperity

2014 Victorious Woman Contest – Third Prize

Third Prize Carol Ann Hamilton Surviving the Eldercare Marathon

On April 17, 2010 my 89-year-old mother passed away. She departed this dimension at home following a protracted series of complex mounting ailments. Hers was a merciful release from a largely tragic lifetime.

On August 26, 2012, my 89-year-old father passed away. Following five declining weeks [...]


2014 Victorious Woman Contest – Second Prize

Gloria Hoffner From discrimination lawsuit and layoff to business owner and author!

January 2, 2007 at 7:15 p.m. is a day, a minute, that changed my life in ways I could never have imagined at that moment. It was a less than 2 minute phone call that ended a 30 plus year career as a [...]


2014 Victorious Woman Contest – First Prize

Madeline Foster Hitting a brick wall changed my life forever

There is a moment during every marathon race that a runner is said to succumb some of the most excruciating physical and mental pain. This is commonly referred to as “hitting the brick wall.”

When the wall is finally reached, the runner ultimately has two [...]


3rd Prize – Linda Boyd – Everything Happens For A Reason

I was told at the age of 11 that I would die by the time I was 30 by my dr, I was diagnosis with Juvenile Type 1 diabetes very fragile. I had lost almost 100 Lbs weighed only 70 Lbs. Was in Marshfields Childrens Hospital for 3 months. I left home at 16, because [...]


2nd Prize – Lynn Sheridan – I AM VICTORIOUS

I am 65 and have been gay all my life. When I was very young I was quickly aware that most people did not like gay people. I was a quiet child; fearful that if I said what I was feeling I would be reprimanded, laughed at, or beat up. I was one of the [...]


1st Prize – Juliana Palmcook – Balloon Rally

Do you remember when you were a child and held on to a helium balloon? Have you ever had the experience of the balloon getting away and flying way up into a blue sky? For me I had those childhood experiences many times and even wondered how I would get my balloons back. As well [...]


October Victorious Woman Honoree

Linda Slavin Domestic Abuse Survivor

“They’re my blood…you’re not.” Those were the words Vincent used to let Linda know that he expected her to take care of his mother and his siblings, as well as him. Vincent’s belittling words and bullying behaviors supported Linda’s already low self-esteem so that she believed she had no [...]


Victorious Woman Contest Winner – Third Place

Anne Lawrence I Am Victorious — and So Are You!

This is being written not simply to share my story, but to give hope and encouragement to those who are already victorious—but who erroneously believe that victory requires transformation, or who don’t see the impact of their accomplishments. I could talk about overcoming a [...]


Victorious Woman Contest Winner – Second Place

Paula Whittaker Letting go of ANGER, FEAR and HATE

Every woman I know complains about her in-laws sometimes. I could top anyone’s story though- I had the worst in-laws. When my son was 7 months old he suffered a brain injury while in the care of my brother-in-law. To this day I do not [...]


Victorious Woman Contest – First Place

Erin O’Connell How I Reclaimed My Life–and My Right to Happiness

I grew up in the suburbs of central New Jersey— the middle child and only girl—as part of a functional, loving family of five. My parents were (are, rather) intelligent and compassionate people, and served as exemplary role models for my brothers [...]


Victorious Honoree – April 2012

Barbara Morrison The Stigma

Barbara Morrison was just six weeks pregnant with her second child when she left her marriage. At the time Barbara remembers weighing her options but didn’t think any of them were great. Still, no matter what the future held, she believed she could handle it because, Barbara affirms, “I [...]


Women in Presidential History

March is Women’s History Month

During this month we typically acknowledge and honor women who have positively distinguished themselves and made a difference in people’s lives. Few women can do that as powerfully as those who are presidents and prime ministers.

Yet until less than a hundred years ago, the women who ruled their countries [...]


Victorious Honoree – February 2012

Janet Cantwell Papale

Challenge. Risk. Persistence. Those words don’t warm the hearts of most women but they define the life and career of Janet Cantwell Papale. What she learned through athletics in her youth, and in her life and career since, is the stuff of victory that makes Janet a Victorious Woman!

Janet Cantwell [...]


Victorious Honorees – December 2011

 The Prosperity Sisters

The recession socked quite a punch to Carole Algier. For nearly thirty years the glass artist ran a successful business with her spouse, John. Her work was featured in several magazines and on HGTV’s “Smart Design” show. But when people started cutting back, the stained glass window treatments for which Carole [...]


Victorious Honoree – October 2011

Suzanne Whang Overcoming Cancer

When she first found out she had breast cancer, she shocked her doctor with her, “Wow, this will be great material for my comedy act! Are you sure? I mean, my tits are so small…” But as a comedian, Suzanne Whang’s mind naturally went for the funny. The former host of [...]


Victorious Honoree – September 2011

Lisa Marie Platske

 Designed Destiny

A marriage that works. That’s what every woman is looking for when she marries. Lisa Marie Platske was no exception. But when she got engaged to a man who lived in another state, her desires and her values were suddenly at odds with each other. That’s when Lisa Marie decided [...]


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