Memory Walk

Yesterday I walked with business owner and entrepreneur Kay Gallogly at the annual Memory Walk on the Riverfront in Delaware. You might have read about Kay in a previous blog; earlier this year she made a run for her party’s nominee for State Representative. She did well, but didn’t win. Happily, she’s going to give it a go in the next cycle and I’m glad. We aren’t aligned politically, but I know Kay to be hones and good; she’d make a great representative for Delaware.

Anyway, before the walk started, Kay was at a table promoting An Affair to Remember, another Alzheimer’s event. Senator Tom Carper stopped, visiting constituents while supporting the event. Also stopping by were many of the spouses, children and friends of those whose brains are – or were – ravaged by the disease. They were in teams, like Olive’s Branches and Anna’s Angels, and many teams sported pictures of their loved ones on their tee shirts.

We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day - crisp, clear, and dry. It was only a three mile walk and, joined by hundreds of people; it barely felt like a walk at all. But the purpose was clear – find out the cause of this devastating disease and fix it.

In the end, this single walk at Wilmington Delaware's Tubman-Garrett Riverfront Park (one of many walks) raised over $60,000. To everyone who organized walked and donated - CONGRATULATIONS!

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