Can Women Learn Anything From Men?

When I interviewed her for Victorious Woman, successful business owner Alisa Lippincott Morkides said, “We can learn a lot from men.” When she said it, I bristled. I was writing a book about women overcoming challenges on their own. I really didn’t want to hear about learning “men tricks” for success.

But then I thought about it and began paying attention (non-defensively) to what men do and how they work…and I had to agree with Alisa. There are ways that we can adapt some of the male model without losing our feminine edge. And when we do, we develop greater competence – not only in the workplace, where it translates to professional success and more money – but those same skills can often be used to improve our marriages, personal relationships and out personal profiles.

This tips article from Huffington Post talks about the man/woman differences and I want to share it with you. It offers many of the same things I talk about in my workshops and keynotes:

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