The Ultimate Victory Kit

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You get:

  • DiSC Profile $35.00 Value (online interactive)
  • Victorious Woman! Shaping Life’s Challenges into Personal Victories (Paperback) $16.95 Value
  • Victory by Design E-Workbook (e-book) $14.95 Value
  • Vision Boards: Creating the Life of your Dream (pdf) $27.00 Value
  • Values Tracker (pdf) $4.99 Value
  • What Kind of Woman Are you Victory Quiz (online interactive) $4.99 vValue

The Ultimate Victory Kit - only $79.99!

Purchasing these products separately costs $103.88. Purchasing The Ultimate Victory Kit will save you $23.89!!
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What is the Victorious Woman Project?

Founded by Annmarie Kelly, the Victorious Woman Project is a female empowerment resource containing articles, classes, books, podcasts and other tools for women over 40.