Ten Reasons Why Women Make Strong Leaders

  1. Passion—not money or promotions—is the main fuel that earns victory after victory.
  2. Resilience: You don’t fail when you trip, only when you don’t get back up.
  3. Brutal Self-Awareness: Recognition of flaws is the first step toward addressing them
  4. Positive Mindset: Optimism doesn’t only benefit you, it inspires your team.
  5. Emotional Intelligence: Understanding the issues driving team members nurtures strengths, compensates for insecurities.
  6. Consensus Building: It’s not enough to have ideas, you must convince others that they’re beneficial.
  7. Intuition: Spotting trends and projecting problems puts a leader ahead of everyone else.
  8. Focus: Multitasking minus focus produces sloppy results; focused multitaskers are professional warriors.
  9. Depth of Understanding: Those who truly grasp the contours of new territory emerge as leaders.
  10. Follow-Through: Good ideas are worthless without the determination to get dirty in the delivery phase.

By Dennis McCafferty, Baseline OmniDigital