How to Reinvent Your Career

Get a Jumpstart on your New Year’s Resolutions!

How to Reinvent Your Career

This month we’re going to connect December’s Victorious Woman of Emotional Intelligence to your career goals for the New Year. You can read about the basics of Emotional Intelligence in my article, EI: The Missing Link (post link).

For you, the Smart Woman@Work, the emotionally intelligent way to reinvent your career starts with rethinking how you see yourself and your work.

Here’s a question for you: For whom do you work?

If you answered the name of your company or department, that’s where your reinvention starts. Where you work and what you do are logistics. The only person you work for is YOU. YOU INC is your business, your client is the company and the job. Think about it:

  • No one else who is going to care about YOU INC as much as you do
  • No one else who is going to work as hard for YOU INC as you do
  • Only you will care about and focus on YOU INC’s goals

So, this week start thinking of yourself as the CEO of You Inc. As the CEO:

  • Where do you want to take YOU INC in the next twelve months?
    • Find a new “client” at a new location
    • Get a new position with your current client
    • Earn more money in 2012
    • Something else?


  • What needs do you have?
    • Better work/family balance
    • More recognition for the work you do
    • More opportunities for growth, e.g. more challenging assignment

Take this week to shift your thinking into the mindset of CEO of YOU INC and where you want your company, YOU INC, to go in the next year.

Next week we’ll talk about the next step.

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