New Year New You

January is always touted as the NEW YEAR NEW YOU time. I often laugh at that, but it doesn't stop me from making resolutions. So as many of us see January as a clean slate and a new beginning. But the reason why so many of us don’t stick to our New Year’s Resolutions is because we don’t embrace change.  If you haven’t read the Victory Blog yet, take a look:

By the way, I keep most of mine. That's because (1) understand that, as much a I might believe in magic, I have to make a change. If you aren’t willing to, for example, give up some time watching television to make time for exercise, you aren’t as likely to follow through on that “get healthy” resolution.

Also, I make resolutions that make sense and are realistic. Life is going to happen and you will face challenges along the way. If you over-commit, you are more likely to give up - and then you are cheating yourself. Set goals that you are motivated and for which you are willing to make changes.

Once you decide that your 2012 new beginning is going to be about real change, make a commitment and get going!