Top Ten Diets

Coming from a wonderful Italian tradition with a mom who was a wonderful cook, I grew up eating pasta three times a week and snacks and desserts were always a big deal. So, like many of you, I battle overweight every day. I’ve done many of the diets below and I’d have to say that diets works only when you make a commitment to change your behaviors.

Fifteen years ago I joined a behavior modification program. I lost fifty pounds and kept most of them off for over ten years. But as I was drawn more and more into caregiving for my mom, the more easily some of  my old behaviors slipped back. Still, after fifteen years, I’m maintaining half of that initial weight loss – and that beats the odds.

This year I’m going to take off at least half of the twenty-five pounds that found their way back. I won’t make myself crazy to do it, but if the whole 25 lbs goes, good for me!

If you are one of the many women who’ve made that your resolution, here are the Top Ten Diets for 2012, according to US News. I’ve *’d the ones that I’ve been on and **’d the ones that really worked. Good luck and, as the b-mod program leaders would say, “I hope to see less of you next week.”

Top Ten Diets

  1. Dash
  2. TLC (Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes
  3. Mayo Clinic
  4. Mediteranean **
  5. Weight Watchers **
  6. Volumnetrics *
  7. Jenny Craig *
  8. Biggest Loser
  9. Dean Ornish
  10. Vegetarian*


You can read more about each of them at