Fish Out of Water Strategy

I once heard the great Earl Nightingale talk about how we are all creatures of habit. There is something about a habit that gives us comfort. I find a cup of tea comforting at the end of a work day - and no ordinary cup of tea. I like Earl Gray or Chai Spice jazzed up with cocoa and nutmeg and mellowed out with some sweetener and almond milk.

Maybe tea isn't your drink, maybe it's that latte you buy on the way to work or the popcorn you snack on in the middle of the afternoon. If you went through a normal day, you'd probably be amazed at how much of your day runs on habit, starting with your basic hygiene to how you get dressed. And those habits provide comfort.  Think about it - what happens on those days when you run late and shortcut your routine? You probably find yourself a little out of sync all day, don't you?

Victory means stretching out of your comfort zone. But most people tend to avoid making that stretch because it feels weird. But the truth is that the more comfortable you are with the feeling of discomfort, you build your confidence. When you feel confident, you are more likely to take smart risks and the less likely you stay stuck in a lifestyle that isn't fulfilling or successful.

So here is a strategy that will help you develop a comfort level with discomfort: Every day do three things that are out of your comfort zone. Take another way to work, have green tea instead that latte, speak up at a meeting, go out of your way to chat with the person who is two levels higher  than you are now. You get the idea.

This month start make stepping out of your comfort zone a victory-building strategy.