Stop Going Around in Circles!

When I was younger and trying to get my life in order, I spent a lot of time feeling like I was always going in circles and getting nowhere in the process. Much of my life was frustrating and I often felt like a victim of “the system.”

At one point in my late twenties, and as a combination of both spiritual development and scientific understanding, I started to see that everything works within a system. When I wanted to get something done, if I used the system, things worked.

When I was financially under water, I saw a system could be applied to talking to banks or credit card companies, including being, getting names, asking for help and talking to supervisors. As I got out of debt, I understood the “pay yourself first” system of putting some money way every paycheck. I found that using coupons and banking the coupon savings, I could buy a mini-vacation. When I first used the DiSC Personal Profile, I saw a system for communicating more effectively. When I went back to college, there was a system in place that enabled me to get credits faster and for less cost (CLEP tests).

Finding a system means looking at the strategies that make up the system.