May is Victorious Woman Month

What is Victory?

Victory is the stretch you make out of your comfort zone and into that fuller, more fabulous expression of your self. It isn't a goal and it isn't success, but it's almost always necessary for both.


There's an old adage, "If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you already got." It's a saying that's still around because it's true. It's like an exchange - you have to exchange something you have now for something you want for your future.

Maybe the exchange is about time you need to learn a new skill and to get more of it, you have to watch less television. Maybe it's about facing your fears so you can take your life to the next level. Whatever it is, the truth is that any exchange - even when it makes perfect sense, will demand that you stretch into the new or the unknown. And change is uncomfortable for most of us.

A few years ago a woman called me for coaching. We had a conversation about her "burning goal" during which I asked her which of her volunteer jobs (which she did three nights a week) she was willing to give up to achieve her goal. Though the goal she wanted to achieve was going to need 6-8 hours/month, she didn't want to give anything up. When I asked her where she was going to find the time, she didn't know. I told her that before I'd work with her, she had to figure out where she was going to find the time. If she didn't, she had no way of achieving her goal. The woman wasn't happy with what I had to say, but it was the truth.

So, with that in mind, a few years ago I started giving reader the Victorious Woman Calendar. It's downloadable and you gets you to start flexing your victory muscles in small but powerful ways. You can download the 2012 calendar here: VictoriousWomanCalendar.May2012

What is the Victorious Woman Project?

Founded by Annmarie Kelly, the Victorious Woman Project is a female empowerment resource containing articles, classes, books, podcasts and other tools for women over 40.

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