Radiators and Drains

There are two types of people in the world: the ones who add value and the ones who detract from or undermine value. In other words, some people are radiators and some are drains. Which one are you?

I’m going to presume you are the kind of person who adds value…but do you know how you do it??? Make a list of the ways you add value to your life, and to the lives of your family, friends, company, department and co-workers. If you aren't happy with where you are in your work, is there a way you can add more value? Can you go back to school and learn some skill or get a degree that the company wants you to have? On the other hand, is there some way you are draining your department's resources?

Figure out what you have to do to be more radiator and less drain. And, when you do it, let your energy radiate out to all the important people through your own efforts or through a mentor or sponsor. When you are a radiator and fill your life with radiators (value-filled people, things, attitudes and behaviors) you are happier and more fulfilled. And you attract more of the same.

Next, look around your life and your workplace. Who and what adds value to your life? How? Why?
WHO and what drains you and adds no value? How? Why?

When your life is filled with with drains, you are stressed and unhappy. And you attract more of the same. I think it's better to let go of the drains - if you don't, they'll keep draining your joy. Let them find their way out of your life.

When you know who is a radiator and who is a drain, your choices become clearer.

Live with VALUE.