My Victorious Purging Continues

Remember how I was cleaning out every drawer, closet and room of things I no longer want or need in order to – energetically – make room for my goals? Well, vacation really sidetracked my efforts. In fact, when I got back in September, I was tempted to stop. Facing a busy fall work schedule and also with the hardest rooms and closets still ahead of me, I felt overwhelmed. I felt out steam to continue purging. Still, with the New Year right around the corner, I didn't want to give up.

Then thanks to Peter Walsh, a Rachel Ray Show guest, one day last month I got re-motivated. Walsh had a lot of great de-clutter ideas and some made such great sense I used them almost immediately.

If you want MORE GOOD STUFF in the new year, let go of your old stuff so you can make room for MORE and BETTER in 2013. Check out Peter Walsh’s tips from the Rachel Ray show for some good ideas: RachelRayDecluttersHerKitchen    RachelRayDeCluttersClosets&More