Victorious Woman One-on-Ones

Ready to make the quantum leap and take your career or your life to the next level?

The Victorious Woman One-on-One Program is for those who recognize a need in themselves to live a more satisfying life. Career minded women may aim for a promotion, become more well-known in their field or start their own business. Some women want their personal lives to be more rewarding and are ready to live life to its maximum potential. No matter your personal or professional goal, Annmarie will guide your path toward victory!

Because of the time intensive nature of this program, Annmarie only works with a small number of select clients annually. Fill out the form below to inquire about current availability.


What is the Victorious Woman Project?

Founded by Annmarie Kelly, the Victorious Woman Project is a female empowerment resource containing articles, classes, books, podcasts and other tools for women over 40.