Where are the Cherry Blossoms?

BuddingBlossomsI watched the webcam and read the blogs. Because it's been so cold this spring, the cherry blossoms were on the later side of normal; the peak was supposed to be yesterday and today. So my sweetie and I drove to Washington DC, parked not far from the White House and walked. There was a stunning absence of pink everywhere! I could count the blossoms in bloom on my hands and have fingers left over! Where's that ole global warming when you want it??

What to do? There's so much to do in DC that you can't go wrong in any season. The Smithsonian is a top spot (and free) and so is walking the mall and seeing all the memorials, including the touching Vietnam Memorial. The American Red Cross building, dedicated to the women who sacrificed in the Civil War, is an impressive building that includes beautiful Tiffany windows. Of course, the White House, the people's house, is closed for tours at the moment. What a shame! It's one very cool tour that, for most of us, usually has to be planned well in advance. But even seeing the White House from the outside, and especially at night, is awesome!

I ended my tour day at the back bar at the Old Ebbitt Grille. It was as busy and comfortable as ever. A little scotch and a sandwich lightened my cherry blossom disappointment. I had a conversation with a man, recently married, but separated because she's in TN while he's at work in DC. He told me about their favorite hiking spot in the Smokey Mountains. So nice - was on his way to see the fireworks...alone and missing his sweetie. Fortunately, I got to see the fireworks with my sweetie as we walked back to our car, not at the designated location but in back of the White House. Pretty neat!

If you've never seen DC during cherry blossom season, and you live in driving distance, it's worth the trip. Try next weekend...

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