Victorious Woman Month Starts Today

It's been eight years since I submitted the paperwork to get International Victorious Woman Month included in the "most comprehensive and authoritative" reference book, McGraw-Hill's Chase's Calendar of Events.

Each year I put together the annual calendar that some think is pretty cool and others get a laugh from it. The Victorious Woman Project, of which I'm the founder, sponsors a writing contest and a networking event that grows each year; since 2011, it's been a fundraiser.

Over the years, I've noticed that others around the globe are celebrating International Victorious Woman Month. Just last year, thanks to an alert, I found out that a woman in Africa received an award from her community and a Brooklyn New York business woman was honored for her service, both in honor of Victorious Woman Month.

Victorious Woman Month is a great time to stop and recognize your victories - those times when you stretched out of your comfort zone and did something that helped you become that greater, fuller expression of the wonderful woman - the Victorious Woman - you are, have always been, and will be more of in the future.

Happy Victorious Woman Month!