June’s Victory Theme: Persistence

HikerEmracingTheDayWhen Carol Kivler spoke at last month's Victorious Woman Celebration, The Girlfriend Gala, she talked to the Girlfriends about being persistent. Carol suffered for years with depression. She tried everything but nothing helped. Finally, in desperation, she turned to ECT, the electric shock treatment. They saved her life.

What Carol told the women is that when the "regular" way to success doesn't work, to keep looking and trying until you find what works for you. I echo those same sentiments. Sometimes it feels like you are climbing uphill and you'll never get to the top. But that's a feeling, NOT A FACT. It's only a reality if you give up. Failure just lets you know that that's one more thing you don't have to try again. Sometimes it takes a lot of good "starts" until the right thing sticks. As long as you get better with each effort, you are making progress. If you are making progress, you reach the top of the mountain.

Here are two tips for persistence:

  • Look at what you've already done and figure out what worked and what didn't
    • Did you lack a skill, like marketing or communication? Did you need more education? Would a mentor have made a difference?
  • Once you identify the gap, find the resources to fill it.
    • If it's education, what school has the program you need?
    • If it's a mentor, is there a social media site that can get you an introduction?
      • What about a networking group?
      • Can you start a meetup with women who are going through the same thing?

Back to Carol Kivler: If Carol had given up, she wouldn't have the fabulous life she has today. Carol is an executive coach and motivational speaker. She has a thriving business and Kivler Communications supports Carol's avocation, Courageous Recovery. She works all over the world and has a great reputation as both a expert in business and mental illness recovery. She's in a relationship with a wonderful man, dotes on her grandchildren. And she's fun! I never have lunch with Carol without having a few laughs and without her bringing out a piece of chocolate at the end of the meal - even when we've already had dessert.

Persistence is this month's theme. What can you do today to be more persistent in building the life of your dreams?

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