Feminine Power and Energy in Baltimore

AnnmarieKelly.WCBM.GroupSaturday’s WomanTalkLive Conscious Conversation about the mother-daughter relationship was deep, spirited and touched my heart. Host Ann Quasman, whose mother passed away earlier this year from Alzheimer’s complications, was so well-prepared that she made the night easy. Ann Keeler Evans, who cared for her mother through the same disease, and Shaman healer Cherry-Lee (whose mother is still here) and I got along from the moment we met each other at the station. We didn’t stop talking once.

A few minutes before air time, Ann ushered us into the studio and got us set up.

Once on air, Ann asked the questions and we didn’t hold back. During one of Ann Keeler Evans’ answers I was so touched that I had to hold back the tears. During a commercial, Cherry-Lee Ward admitted that she was nervous that her mother might be listening; we all got hysterical.

After the show we all went to Mr. Chan’s for dinner and the conversation continued. Joseph joined us – he was the good guy who came along to keep me company on the two-hour drive to Baltimore. On the way home I asked him why he’d been so quiet at dinner. He laughed. Seems he couldn’t find a good spot to jump in except when someone asked him a question. But he gave us the greatest compliment a group of women can get. He acknowledged that we were all obviously powerful women and there was a lot of energy in the room. But, Joseph said, "none of you were competing with the other, your conversation was really interesting.

I’ll post the link to the podcast when it’s available later this week. Whether your mother is still here or has passed on, this is a Conscious Conversation that you’ll want to hear.

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One thought on “Feminine Power and Energy in Baltimore

  1. Ann Quasman

    Loved having you, Ann Keeler Evans and Cherry-Lee Ward on the show with me to discuss this rich topic – so much insight and hindsight shared. It was wonderful to be with all of you AND I am so glad Joseph came along and felt ok being with us. It was great to have him with us – even though we didn’t let him get a word in edgewise! lol Tell him next time… I promise!

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