Millennials Value…WHAT?

Teenager with her backpack Ever Wonder How Your Values Compare with the Next Generation?

Do you work with a young person who you can't seem to figure out - and wonder what s/he is thinking and what they value? Or you go to a store and find the clerk more interested in the text coming in on the i-phone than helping you. You aren't alone. Of course, some of that is typical of the intergenerational challenge that we all face, whatever our age. But probably not all of it.

Here's an article that features different student blogger ideas. Some of the cynicism seemed normal. After all, that's normal stuff for college students. But some of it was disturbing to me. It made me stop and think about how and we taught the next generation.However, I loved this: “Our relationship with these values - independence, exceptionalism, progress, and nostalgia - is not simple. We struggle to better understand them and find unity within them.” Here's more: Berkley Center Georgetown University



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