3rd Prize – Linda Boyd – Everything Happens For A Reason

I was told at the age of 11 that I would die by the time I was 30 by my dr, I was diagnosis with Juvenile Type 1 diabetes very fragile. I had lost almost 100 Lbs weighed only 70 Lbs. Was in Marshfields Childrens Hospital for 3 months. I left home at 16, because of Physical and Sexual Abuse. Made Alot of Good and some bad choices along the way. But owned up to all. I worked from the age of 13 to make ends meet. For most of my life I just never got close to anyone.

Till I met my current husband. We have been together for almost 22 yrs. In the last 4 yrs I have had 7 surgeries (OVER 20 in my lifetime) knee replacement,Carpel tunnel, Back fusion & spacers, Trigger finger, Laser eye surgery x2 to repair busted eye vessels so I didn’t go blind & Bladder sling, Ect Ect, I cant walk or stand more then 5 minutes. And now have heart issues and all complications from my type 1 diabetes which I have had for 36 yrs now.And oh yeah I am 17 yrs past 30 . I help my Husband with daily care and many everyday functions we all take for granted , a little over a year ago, he was diagnosis with Parkinson at the age of 43. He was always the healthy one never even took OTC meds. Now he takes over 12 pills a day & needs help with cares & everyday life his short term memory is really really short.

Before all this we both worked for individuals that are developmentally disabled, all ages & troubled teen. Really miss working but are still friends with alot of them. We complete each other. Smile and Joke everyday. Always spending time together is so great. We have learned to live on very limited income. But are always willing to share or give to others in need. I feel we are very lucky to have all we do, family,friends, and always food on the table. For the last 2yrs we have cooked Holiday meals for friends and family that have nowhere to go or the means to do it themselves. I also get alot of free items and/or cheap and share with friends and family. Everything happens for a reason. I would not be the person I am if my road was different. I am grateful for everything!!


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2 thoughts on “3rd Prize – Linda Boyd – Everything Happens For A Reason

  1. Cheryl Drake

    Linda, I have known you since you got married. You have always been a wonderful, kind hearted individual. I’m sure God knew of your inner strength and knew you could handle it. You have done it gracefully. I am proud to say you are my friend.

  2. Rosie Britton

    Very inspirational story Linda. I’m so glad that the Dr’s were wrong & that you’ve found the love of your life.

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