Nyad: You’re Never Too Old!

"You're never too old to chase your dreams!"  That's what Diana Nyad wants you to know. Today, the 64 year-old finally accomplished her goal of swimming from Cuba to Florida, and she did it without a shark cage - the longest unaided swim in history.

This time it took Nyad 53 hours to finally realize the dream she first had 35 years ago. She tried and failed. So, in 1978, Diane quit swimming and her dream did what many of our dreams do, it went underground.

Fast forward thirty years. Nyad was about to turn 60 and her mother died. She was looking to redefine herself. "You're looking for something...," and according to Nyad, "the dream comes alive."

So with that, Diana Nyad decided to try swimming again. She started slowly and quietly...just to see how she felt. Gradually she built back her physical strength and picked up momentum. She decided she still had what it would take, mentally and emotionally.

In 2011 and 2012, Nyad made three attempts to realize her dream. Each time she was physically beat and suffered terribly from the stings of jellyfish. The last time she thought it was the end. And then it wasn't.

In 2013, Nyad told CNN, "My whole mantra this year was 'find a way'." And she did...and won!

Her advice to anyone and everyone?

  • Never ever give up
  • You're never too old to chase your dreams
  • It looks like a solitary sport, but it's a team

Have any of your dreams gone underground?