Happy Hour with Annmarie Kelly

JudyHobermanJudy Hoberman is coming to Happy Hour!

At tomorrow's Happy Hour, entrepreneur and author Judy Hoberman will be joining me to talk about some of the ways we sabotage our own efforts in the way we communicate. She's also going to be talking about starting your own business and how to avoid some of the common mistakes entrepreneurs make. And, during Chick Chat, I'm wondering what Judy thinks about something that's been in the news lately - the war on boys.

Do you think there's a war on boys??

You might know Judy if you watch Fox Business. She's a frequent guest on the topic of gender and the workplace. Judy is the author of two books, Selling in a Skirt: The Secrets Women Don't Know They Know about Sales...and What Men Should Know Too and Famous Isn't Enough: Earning Your Fortune as an Entrepreneur and a sales training course. But Judy isn't your typical sales trainer. Her Selling in a Skirt brand is about a philosophy and a way of life.

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