Where’s The Funny?


A couple years ago, some writer (a guy) wrote a provocative article titled “Why Women Aren’t Funny.” Are women less funny than men? You might be surprised at how much you’ve laughed and enjoyed so much comedy by women – and many of them from our own area. But there’s more to comedy than meets the eye. On this week’s show we’ll be talking with comedian Theresa Hummel Krallinger about women and comedy, including Theresa’s own journey into standup. If you’ve been to the 2012 or 2013 Girlfriend Gala, you already know how funny Theresa is. Now you can hear how she got that way.

Think you’re funny? Think that comedy is part of your life reinvention? You’ll want to listen to Theresa’s take on the special challenges women in comedy face. She is my guest for the October 4, 2013 episode of Happy Hour on the Radio. (Listen to the show!)

October is Emotional Wellness Month and this weekend you won't do better for your emotional wellness than to laugh yourself silly with comedian Theresa Hummel Krallinger. Theresa has performed - with rave reviews - for the last two Victorious Woman Girlfriend Galas. Saturday night she'll be in Norwood PA, performing with fellow comedian Alan Marx at a show you can enjoy with your teens.

Here's what you need to know: EPIC Youth invites everyone to Pasta with a side of Punchlines with comedian Alan Marx and Theresa Hummel-Krallinger - 6 p.m. Saturday at Immanuel Lutheran Church, 501 Chester Pike, Norwood. Reserve your seat at $20 per person by calling 610-586-5860 or email ImmanuelYouth501@gmail.com. The program is appropriate for seventh-grade teens and older. For more information, visit http://immanuelnorwood.org/

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