WomanTalkLiveWhat a treat to be interviewed by WomanTalkLive's Ann Quasman. She asked me some really good questions that really made me think. Here's a sample:

What’s the conversation that changed your life?

While working with a client, she responded to something I said with, “Thoughts are things.” I didn’t understand that and asked her to explain. She wasn’t one for long conversations, but she opened a door for me. Then, in the company of wonderful teachers, I studied the works of Fillmore, Butterworth, Ponder and others. Gradually I stopped seeing myself as a victim who was at the mercy of the challenges of my life. Instead I came to realize I was strong and capable of overcoming the many personal, professional and financial challenges I faced. Those three words changed my life.

You can read the rest of the interview here: WomanTalkLive

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