I’m Having a Baby!

Sleeping NewbornI hate paying for stuff and not using what I buy. Did you ever make an impulse buy and wonder what you were thinking when you got home?

Well I don’t want to do that with my healthcare. But since I'm being kicked off my current plan as of the end of this year (no, I can't keep the plan I like and I can't keep my doctor), I have to buy something that has stuff I don't need. And my rates are going sky high with way higher deductibles - not for a Cadillac plan, but for an HM).

So I made a decision and I’m making the announcement now: I’m going to have a baby.

No, I’m not pregnant yet, and it could be tricky because I might be working with mostly powdered eggs, but if I have maternity benefits and pediatric vision care and fluoride treatments for my children under 6, I don’t want them to go to waste. And then, when I have a couple kids and I’m losing my mind, I can use all my mental health benefits. It’s a win-win, yes? So Joseph better step it up, starting this weekend!

Here's the thing: Obamacare is the law and I'll live within the law. But those people in Congress who voted for the law? Well, President Obama gave Congress a loophole that either fully exempts them and their staff from the ACA requirement that they go on the exchanges, or else puts them on the exchanges but with a special, very generous subsidy for the cost…at our expense. So, while it's the law, unlike every other American who has to follow the law, the people who voted for this mess – and even the people who didn’t but are in Congress – are keeping their Cadillac plans. And you & I are footing the bill.

If you're unhappy, call your congressperson and your local representative, and tell them you don’t like it. If you aren't sure who's who, go here:
House of Representatives: http://writerep.house.gov/