Happy Hour: Beating Holiday Challenges


Dealing with Difficult People or
the Loss of a Loved One

The condescending sister, the bully brother, the know-it-all spouse of your best friend...the can suck the happy out of happy holidays, can't they. Well this you don't have to be a victim to other people's bad behaviors. Joining us for today's Friday Happy Hour is author JJ Geronimo. She'll be sharing tips and tricks for dealing with people who want to steal your Christmas joy.

Also, local author and business coach Molly Nece was talking with someone who recently lost a spouse. He was dreading both his first anniversary and first Christmas without her. What Molly said to him wasn't something she thought out. Instead, it was something that just popped out of her mouth...and it was inspired. She's joining us for Chick Chat in the second half of Happy Hour to share it with you.Molly Nece

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