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VictoriousWomanContestLogo.1The 7th Annual Victorious Woman Contest is OPEN!
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This year's contest is bigger and better. We're excited this year to be partnering with the DelcoNewsNetwork.They'll be promoting the contest locally and online.

If you have a story of victory to share, go to the contest website for all the information.

If you know someone else, or want to send it to your friends, netowrking groups or post in your workplace, download the flyer here: VW.ContestAd.2014

BEST OF LUCK with your entry. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!
Annmarie Kelly
Founder, The Victorious Woman Project and The Victorious Woman Contest

What is the Victorious Woman Project?

Founded by Annmarie Kelly, the Victorious Woman Project is a female empowerment resource containing articles, classes, books, podcasts and other tools for women over 40.

2 thoughts on “Annual Contest is OPEN!

  1. Johanna Amici

    Having had no awareness of myself as a woman who could direct a good life for herself , in 1981 I was guided by God to Lifespring training and became who I am today. There was no voice in me not even in my head just automatice do a day and feel so alone and sad. Having had an addiction to pills and booze in the same year I joined AA and have 33 yrs now. The heart I feel today is a direct result of standing up for myself in an abusive marriage both verbally and emotionally I started to have a real life got a part time job and qickly went up in the ranks and was office mge which added to my self esteem. In that same time period I stopped smoking and became involved in taking care of my body with organic food and daily exercise. In 1986 found the courage to leave a 30 yr marriage and start a fabulous life as a facilator of CoDependency groups in New Jersey and was giving lectures at Temple University and many businesses. All this forthe woman who was not able to tell her husband her truth just six yrs ago. Now its many many yrs later and have also in my 70s created a thriving teaching business going to Rehab Centers and teaching BOdy Mind Wellness. I have re0invented myself 3 x and I now and have for a long time lived life and myself in the life I have created. Johanna Amici

    1. AnnmarieEdit Post author

      Thanks, Johanna! You are a great example of victory! Overcoming addition is “big” enough, but ending a marriage after that many years is something many women wouldn’t do. I love the idea that you are living by design instead of default! BRAVA!

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