Attitude: Patti LaBelle Said it Best

DSCN0059"Runnin' hot, runnin' cold,
I was runnin' into overload, it was extreme.
I took it so high, so low. So low, there was nowhere to a bad dream...
Never knew I had such a lesson to learn."

Do you feel what the fabulous Patti LaBelle was feeling?

As the calendar turns to April, and the cherry blossoms turn the world pink, you can turn the page to a new chapter in your life.

What do want? What would make your life happier, better, more purposeful? More successful?

Whatever you want, you need some attitude to get you revved up and moving - some good attitude. If you aren't happy with where you are in your life, before  you spend a lot of money on something that will jazz you for a minute, check your attitude first.

What's your attitude doing for you today? A good attitude is the most important ingredient to a happier life. It’s what enables you to have hope, faith, excitement, and a host of other positive thoughts. On the other hand, a bad attitude is like bad tire. You can’t go anywhere until you change it.

The month we're talking about jazzing up and getting a new attitude. Start with the Victorious Woman Attitude Quiz. See what Venus Williams has to say about attitude. Find out the Top Ten ways to a more positive attitude. Tell us what you think: Question of the Month. And don't for to enter the giveaway.

And don't forget to listen to Patti LaBelle singing A New Attitude! Check out that hair!!

"I'm feelin' good from my head to my shoes
Know where I'm goin' and I know what to do
I tidied it up my point of view
I got a new attitude!