Pump Up the Power – #4

 Smiling Group of Professionals --- Image by © Royalty-Free/CorbisSurround Yourself with Positive People

“A rising tide lifts all boats,” John F. Kennedy said. The phrase usually refers to the economy, meaning that when the economy is doing well, everyone prospers. However, that phrase can also be used when your life is filled with positive people. That is, when your life is filled with positive people, everyone prospers.

Positive people have an energy that’s like a positive force field. The more positive energy you have in your life, the easier it is for you to maintain a positive attitude and live a positive, upbeat lifestyle.

Since like attracts like, the more positive energy you have in your life, the more positive things come into your life – better people, more happiness, greater opportunities.

Of course, this is real life. You work with all kinds of people and your relatives are who they are; you aren’t likely to change them. You may not be able to choose them. You can’t pick your family or co-workers, but you can pick your friends and the people you spend most of your time with during most of the time of your life.

Choose smartly. Choose positive power.

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2 thoughts on “Pump Up the Power – #4

  1. Edith Hall

    PTL Victorious Women, today is national Day of Prayer, lets unite and pray for America, let our prayer be for “Prayer” to return to our schools to stop the violence in them. and please pray for me to find help finishing my novel and that’s it by a good Christian-royalty paying publisher. Amen
    Mark 9:23

    1. AnnmarieEdit Post author

      Best wishes, Edith. I personally found finishing my first book really challenging. I’ll tell you what author Larry Kane (Ticket to Ride and When They Were Boys) told me. He asked me how much I liked being an author and I told him I was too new to know. He said, “if you thought writing it was hard, wait’ll you see what the marketing is like.” He was so right! Writing the words and then massaging them so that your future readers will love them like you do…that’s a labor of love. Then, once it’s done, you have to take your book into the world and make it a business. It’s almost like pimping out your baby. However, unless you focus on the business end (specifically the marketing), nobody will know about your book. So they won’t have the pleasure of reading it. The reader is who you are writing for, so do everything you can to get your book into their hands. Keep me posted!

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