June 20: Happy Hour Wrap Up!

AnnmarieKelly.WCBM..webBeach reads!

Between authors and readers, it was quite a show! My guests were authors Doreen McGettigan and Cindy Falteich and voracious reader Maria Peterson. I hope you got some great ideas for summer reads. Below are the links to the authors and the books, except for one: Rude Awakenings by Toni McCloe (not yet available).

And, BTW, if you are looking to get inspired by women who have overcome seemingly overwhelming challenges, read Victorious Woman! Shaping Life’s Challenges into Personal Victories. I interviewed over 100 women for this book. I heard some amazing stories of overcoming and I chose nine of those stories. They are ones I thought you would resonate with…even if you aren’t experiencing this exact same challenge. I weave some of those other stories, and some of my own, in the last chapter, which some have called “a blueprint for life.” I wrote that chapter as a kind of “lessons learned” compilation from all of the amazing women I interviewed.

You can read it here:

by Rebecca Rasmussen
You are the Placebo
by Dr. Joe Dispenza
BTW: you can see him at TEDTalks
by Nora Roberts
The Invisible Bridge

by Nancy Tubbs

Maria and I talked about the Goodreads website, where you can look for book ideas by author and genre, and read reviews from people like you.

See you next Friday at Happy Hour