Living by Design or Default?

InChargeTaking Control of Your Life

Thousands of women are living their lives by default instead of by design - their design. Are you one of them?

If you are, it might not be your fault…at least not until now. Living by default usually happened because you’ve ascribed to a way of life dictated by your religion or culture or by society. And, being such a good girl, you’ve probably been wonderful at that life…except that it hasn’t made you happy and doesn’t fill you up inside.

For example, you love your kids and glad you’re a mother. You followed what you thought you were supposed to do. And, at the time, you thought it was also what you wanted. So you did it, and did it pretty well.

But now that’s changed. '

You don't feel like you're living on purpose anymore, or making a difference, or using all your skills and talents. More than that, now you feel like everyone else has control of your life except you. More often than you'd like to admit, you feel stuck and unhappy.

You want to change. You’re ready.

This month I’ll be talking about how to do that How to Take Control of Your Life.