Radio Wrap-Up: August 15

AnnmarieKelly.WCBM..webPsychic Readings, Little League World Series, and Mid-Life Reinventions were today's Hot Topics.

Once again, the amazing psychic Christi Cavallo joined us. Christi calls us from Florida, but she's a Jersey girl. She has that down-to-earth style that we all seem to love. If you want to know more about her, check out her bio HERE. And Christi has a special 2-for-1 offer. Contact Christi HERE and she'll set up an appointment; you can pay online. I did that a couple weeks ago and I was happy with what she told me - not fortune teller stuff, but life advice kinds of info.

I talked about the Taney Dragons, the Little League team with the 13-year-old female pitcher, Mo'ne Davis. Here's an article about her. They played their first 2014 World Series game today. If they win, they'll advance...and thanks to the pitching arm of Mo'ne...she puts a whole new spin on throwing like a girl!!

And I mentioned another story about a female pitcher - Edith Houghton - who played on an all-girls team in 1925. They played against a men's team in Japan. She also played on a military team, later on,  became a talent scout. Here's that article from the Inquirer: Edith Houghton

This month's Victorious Woman theme is about reinventions, second chances and do-overs. You can go to the CONNECT page for the TOP TEN LIST for how to make the most of a do-over. And, if you've done some reinventing and have a tips or two that you want to share, you can do it at the Question of the Month.

Tune in next week when I'm talking to Sharon Pinkenson, the Executive Director of the Greater Philadelphia Film Office. We're on every Friday live and local on WCHE1520AM and live and online at




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