LISTEN NOW! Theresa Rose’s interview on Friday Happy Hour

Feeling like you’ve lost your mojo? Want to get it back? Listen to this episode of Friday Happy Hour with Annmarie Kelly and Theresa Rose.

Theresa Rose is a national motivational humorist, award-winning author and hardcore hoopdancer whose mission is to educate, entertain, and inspire people to become aware of their unlimited power. She was a finalist in the “So You Think You Can Speak?” competition at the National Speakers Association and delivered an electrifying TEDxTalk called “The Hoop Revolution” in 2012.

Hear great tips on how to get YOUR mojo back from Theresa on this episode of Friday Happy Hour with Annmarie Kelly:

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2 thoughts on “LISTEN NOW! Theresa Rose’s interview on Friday Happy Hour

  1. Carol Grimes

    I was very frustrated with this Happy Hour as the guest speaker was rudely interrupted repeatedly! She had to keep back tracking because of this. So much time was wasted because of these constant interruptions!A guest speaker should be allowed to follow through with their presentation without interruptions. I feel like this was ruined because someone just couldn’t shut up!

    1. AnnmarieEdit

      Carol, first of all, thanks for listening. I regret that you didn’t enjoy the show.

      Here’s the thing: when a guest joins me for Happy Hour, it’s for a conversation. That’s what most of my listeners really seem to like, that back and forth, like the way we talk when we go out with our girlfriends. Every guest knows that before the show. When that doesn’t happen, I get emails about letting the guest take over my show. At the same time, as an author whose done my share of interviews (as a guest) I know that I can get so excited about sharing with the host and the listeners that I forget that I’m not doing a mini-seminar. So I’m always walking a fine line with every guest.

      Theresa Rose is an amazing woman and so full of energy! If you haven’t already been to her website, here it is: Theresa Rose

      Carol, I hope you’ll continue to listen to the Friday Happy Hour. And I’ll welcome any further or future comments.

      In victory,

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