Radio Wrap-Up: September 26

AnnmarieKelly.WCBM..webWe had fun with Marcia Reynolds today. She had some interesting ideas about the Wander Woman and The Discomfort Zone and about finding your purpose in midlife. And author Cindy Falteich (The Aloquit Sum) joined Annmarie for some serious Chick Chat. Cindy and I talked about a research article about how corporation aren't utilizing some of their best talent - women! Here's the actual article: Executive Pipline

In my monologue, I talked about an upcoming fundraiser, my anniversary in Cape May and Avalon and the man who hopes to die at 75. Here are those links:

  • The Fundraiser at Radley Run on October 17:  Grapes and Grain
  • Speaking of Cape May and Sunset Beach, take a look at the sunken ship from back in the day: SS Atlantus Joseph&Annmarie.1.web
  • Here's that picture of Joseph and me at a gazebo in Avalon. It wasn't cold, but it was a grey, cloudy and very windy day. But for all you beachlovers out there, you know that a bad day at the beach is still a good day!
  • This is the article by Ezekiel Emanuel: Why I Hope to Die at 75

Here's Marcia Reynold's website:  And Marcia has a "Discomfort Zone" assessment you can take at to rate how well you deal with uncomfortable conversations. And you will get tips on how to widen your “discomfort zone” based on your results.

Also, I mentioned an article Marcia Reynolds wrote for Psychology Today: Female Mid-Life Crisis

Hope to see you at Happy Hour next Friday!


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