Ten Tips for Happier Holidays

ChristmasTreeChristmas Holidays: Glad to see ‘em come, glad to see ‘em go. That’s what one of my co-workers used to say. I thought she was a scrooge, but now I know she wasn’t. She was on target.

Knowing how overwhelming the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Years can be, sometimes just the thought of the Christmas holidays creates stress. You might not realize it, but the commercialization of the Christmas holidays is stealing your joy. This year, don’t let it; be different.

Here are ten tips you can use to make Happier Holidays. If you just pick two of these and embrace them, you’ll see the difference – and you’ll start the New Year happier!

1.    Decide that this holiday is going to be joyful; make it your intention

2.    Pick 3 happy holiday memories to recall when stressed

3.    Challenge every tradition and eliminate outdated ones

4.    Carve out time for the people you really want to see

5.    Say ‘no’ to “obligation invitations”

6.    Take a 5-five minute Laughter break every day

7.    Take breathing breaks each hour

8.    Enjoy sugar and alcohol only when socializing

9.    Avoid the negative people, alcoholics and drama mongers

10. Focus your attitude on gratitude

Merry Christmas!

May this holiday season be one of your happiest years ever!

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2 thoughts on “Ten Tips for Happier Holidays

  1. Michele Dunleavy

    Thanks so much for these tips/ideas to help “calm ” us all down during the Holiday season. As a health, wellness and Stress Management advocate I cannot agree with you on all points. I would like to add to your list of 10- Get your sleep- it is so important to have this during times of an “elevated” pace of life, Exercise as usual and if you must “modify” the length , or intensity of the workout-THAT IS OKAY< JUST DO IT < DO WHAT YOU CAN AND FEEL GOOD ABOUT IT!!!. Lastly- drink plenty of water- we tend to drink more coffee and alcoholic drinks at this time and water gets shunned- do not do that to water, YOUR BODY NEEDS IT TO FUNCTION PROPERLY!!

    Thanks so much! I hop my call goes thru tomorrow for a Psychic reading!

    Michele ( yes, I am Cathy Sikorski's 1st cousin, she is awesome !)

    1. AnnmarieEdit

      Thanks, Michele! These are great tips too. We never seem to get enough sleep at the holidays, do we? And I’m a firm believer in lots of water – great for everything from the pushing out excess salt to keeping the skin pretty. Have great holidays!

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