AnnmarieKelly.WCBM_..web_-150x120Brigid is a woman whose finger is on the pulse of the Schulte_(c)Peter C  Heimbergoverwhelmed conundrum. Her New York Times Bestselling Book, OVERWHELMED:How to Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time is what we talked about this week at Happy Hour.

Brigid Schulte had so many good things to say today, about "time is power" and about how overwhelm is affecting the size of our brains and about giving up multi-tasking for chuncking time.I could have talked with her for another hour.

If you want more Brigid Schulte, you can follow her work at the Washington Post: Sign up for her occasional newsletter, Toward Time Serenity, on the art and science of The Good Life: Join the ongoing discussion about making time for work, love and play on her Facebook page: and on Twitter @BrigidSchulte

You can get Brigid's book on Overwhelmed

I tired to upload the pix of me with Gloria Steinem and Lee Greenwood, but my tech skills got in the way. So go to my facebook page: VictoriousWomanProject to see them.

Today's quote came from Brigid Shulte’s daughter, Tessa. Brigid wrote that one day she found her daughter sitting in a chair, hugging herself and smiling. When asked her to explain, she said,

“I just love feeling my soul.”

This weekend, take a little time to stop the overwhelm and feel your soul.

And enjoy the moment!